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Nutramar Live Microalgae is grown and produced in our own state-of-the-art laboratories in Los Angeles, CA. Microalgae nourish and enrich the most important and delicate fi lter-feeding inhabitants of your reef aquarium (NPS, LPS, SPS, soft coral, copepods, and sponges). It is the base of all food chains and is a necessary foundation of any marine ecosystem. Used at industry leading facilities as a primary food source for fi lter-feeding organisms and zooplankton cultures, Nutramar Live Microalgae are now available for aquarium hobbyists. Our phytoplankton is cultured to maximize lipid content, including Omega-3 acids (HUFAs), EPA, and DHA.
  • Nutramar Iso
  • Nutramar Nanno
  • Nutramar Phyto CRIT
  • Nutramar Phyto IC
  • Nutramar Phyto TC
  • Nutramar Rhodo